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When we think about ways to lose weight, we tend to exclude from our menu the fats, but we always forget there are two types: healthy and unhealthy fats. Some nutrition specialists say that we need the healthy fats for our bodies to properly function. Some examples can be represented by olive oil, nut oils or fish oil. But one of the miracle oil for our bodies and silhouettes is the coconut oil, a wonder-food which should get much more attention.

Coconut oil  a miracle for losing weight

Have you deliberately ignored coconut oil until now because of its high calories count? Well, recent studies have shown that it can help during the weight losing process, especially for reducing the fat around the waist and abdomen. I am going to explain how: the olive oil’s fat acid chains have medium length and are different from vegetable oils, who have long length and get stored as fat, while the medium ones are burned, releasing energy. So these ones don’t stay in our bodies, but are used immediately.

So, coconut oil consumption can be translated into increased metabolic rate, thus losing weight. It encourages thermo genesis, a process through which our bodies generate energy. Japanese scientists found out that during digestion, the healthy fats are carried directly to the liver.

fit body abdomen ,Coconut oil consumption can be also an efficient treatment against hormonal imbalance. Without enough fat acids, the body cannot synthesize the necessary hormones to regulate the thyroid’s function and the libido. The medium chains of triglycerides from the coconut oil help the organism to transform the cholesterol from our blood into an essential substance for producing hormones that improve our digestion, lower the anxiety, boost energy and help burn fat. Better digestion means that vitamins A, D, E and K will be better absorbed and they help the cellular regeneration, skin and bone overall health and also better brain function.

The coconut oil can also lower the blood sugar levels: because of the quick absorption, the pancreas doesn’t need to over work and it will produce insulin efficiently.When we choose our food responsibly, the healthy fats can help us lose weight more efficiently than if we would completely exclude them.

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