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In the kitchen we all want to create the best dishes that we can. Our meals are our pride and joy. We all know about Coconut Oil but here I’m going to give you some tips and tricks when using it for cooking.

Why use it?
Cooking with Coconut Oil can offer some really rich and creamy flavors. It can change even the most ordinary meal into a culinary masterpiece. On top of this it has an endless list of health benefits due to its anti-oxidants and abundance of good, medium chain fatty acids. Coconut Oil can help your digestive system, it keeps your heart healthy and has get nutritional value. Coconut oil can be used to replace butters or everyday cooking Oils such as Olive Oil as an even healthier alternative. It also gives beautiful subtle flavors to your meals and is often essential when cooking famous Indian recipes. Using it adds a beautiful aroma to your kitchen and your meals and will have all of your friends asking ‘How did she manage that?’

What do the nutritionists recommend?
Although there’s no absolute certifiable ‘do’ or ‘don’ts’ within the nutritional circles, there is mostly a general consensus that coconut does have some very helpful properties. Coconut Oil is packed with some very healthy properties that can help your body immensely. Some claim that it can even help promote weight-loss as it is seen to have a positive effect on the metabolism. It’s important to remember that you need to be focused on all of your diet. However, adding a tablespoon or two to your workout smoothies, to your breakfast or to your evening meals can really utilize the promising effects of coconut oil.

Some Cooking Ideas
Here are some of my favorite ways to utilize coconut oil into your everyday cooking:

Use it when cooking Sweet Potatoes – These can use a lot of oil and using coconut oil instead adds a healthier tropical twist.
A Stir Fry – Cooking with Coconut Oil as a healthier alternative to cooking oils can make for some really tasty results.
Breakfast – Adding Coconut Oil to your breakfast can make for a refreshing start to the day. Especially on healthy cereals such as granola mixed with fruit.
Create something sweet and savory – Coconut Oil can be great for creating things like pancakes, waffles and muffins. Add some nutrients to those deliciously naughty foods.

Cooking is meant to be fun, so mess around with it a little. Coconut Oil is very versatile and can be used in loads of different ways. Don’t be afraid to add it your meal because, more often than not, it can really improve the taste.

Enjoy it
After slaving away over the stove you can sit back and eat a meal that you and your body will love. After a day of hard work and exercise a meal cooked with coconut oil is a perfect way to relax and store up all of the good stuff food has to offer. It can be delicious, why don’t you try it yourself?,

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