Some Easy Fast Weight Loss Tips

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Our country’s fascination with fast food and giant sized, big manly man servings has led directly to the epidemic of childhood and adult obesity that we are hearing about so much on television and radio talk shows. We all secretly believe that we know just how to lose weight and we all give out fast weight loss tips to our friends or anyone who will listen. The problem is not in the knowledge but in the execution and actual performance of the plan. We are just too darned lazy to commit to a real weight loss program. Most of the fad diets out there are just not realistic if you look at them closely and use your common sense. If you drink only beet juice for eight days in a row sure, you will probably lose a few pounds here and there, but you will also be perspiring ruby-colored sweat.

The following are just some informal common sense fast weight loss tips that you can easily adapt into your current lifestyle. It is very important that your weight loss program not disrupt your life too much or else you will fail every time you try to stick to it.

The most important change that you have to make is the commitment to exercising, even moderately, on a daily basis. One or two days off per week will be ok, but you have to dedicate yourself to working out hard at least four or five days per week otherwise you will not see the results you want. Diet alone will not get the job done. It is fairly easy however for just about anyone to walk briskly for thirty minutes per day minimum. Break a sweat and lose weight. Experts say you have to work out for at least forty five minutes each time you do it or else you do not lose weight.

One of my favorite fast weight loss tips is to work out twice every day, at least four days per week. Working out twice a day is a fantastic fat burner, especially if you are on a diet. But even if you are eating regularly you will lose weight quickly by working out twice each day. Twice a day workouts may not be easy for some but may be preferable to dieting for many folks who just are not ready to stop eating so much. Try this routine for a week or two and see if it works for you.

Filling up with protein is another terrific way to stave off that appetite and lose weight. Buy some smoked lean turkey breast or lean ham in slices at your local deli and just munch on those when you get the urge. But just forget the bread for now. No carbs means a lower hypoglycemic index and less storing of unburned fat.

Another one of my favorite tips to lose weight fast is to drink a glass of water and eat a banana before at least two of your scheduled meals each day. You can also substitute an apple for the banana. The water and fruit will fill you up and give you enough sugar to fool your body into thinking you just ate something more filling. Do this for ten days in a row and you will see striking results.

These are just some of my tips to lose weight fast. The most important thing is that you get past the first few days. After that it will get a lot easier to stick to your weight loss plan because your stomach will shrink and you won’t get so hungry.

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