Unrefined Coconut Oil

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For centuries, Unrefined Coconut Oil has been a well known ingredient in any and every household in India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and other parts of Asia. However over the years it is now gaining increasing popularity in the west as well. However, before we jump to these amazing benefits of unrefined coconut oil let’s take a closer look at what exactly is the organic coconut oil made of

What is Unrefined Coconut Oil?
Unrefined coconut oil is typically unprocessed, crude coconut oil that is extracted directly from organic coconuts. Unlike other types of coconut oils, unrefined coconut oil is organic, unfiltered, and free from any additives and comes bearing minimal processing or packaging. This pure virgin coconut oil is a bit tough to find and hence tends to be a tad more costly than the regular refined coconut oils available in the market. Nonetheless, the benefits of unrefined coconut oil outweigh any other forms of oil available in the market.

Unrefined Coconut Oil and your Hair Health:
Unrefined coconut oil is packed with fatty acids; especially Lauric acid. These not only shield the hair protein but also protect both the roots and the strands. Additionally regular use of unrefined coconut oil helps lock in the moisture in your hair by penetrating deep into the hair shaft and protecting against any impurities or even excess heat. Another important benefit of unrefined coconut oil includes healthy blood circulation in your scalp which eventually results in boosting the oxygen delivery to your hair. Furthermore, since unrefined coconut oil is laden with Vitamins E, K and iron thus it eliminates dandruff and enhances hair growth.

Unrefined Coconut Oil and your Skin:
The benefits of unrefined coconut oil aren’t just limited to your hair; it works wonders for your skin as well. The medium chain triglycerides found in unrefined coconut oil not only serves as an excellent moisturizer for your skin but also acts as a protective barrier against the sun’s ultraviolet rays without leaving your skin greasy or oily. Coconut oil; especially unrefined coconut oil is packed with anti oxidants, antimicrobial and antibacterial thus aiding in recovering from any sorts of skin damages such as cuts, wounds, burns and even scars.

The benefits of unrefined coconut oil aren’t just limited to your hair and skin alone. It does wonders to your food as well. Not only does it brings about a beautifully rich, fresh aroma to your food but is also more nutritious then refined or any other form of coconut oil and comes packed with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants.

With so many benefits and more; unrefined coconut is extremely essential for any household but unfortunately it can be a tad more expensive than other types of coconut oil due to its potent qualities. Moreover it can also be sometimes be quite arduous to find unrefined coconut oil anywhere else except for big groceries, whole sale stores or departmental stores due to its crude nature.

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