Valuable Weight Loss Information Nuggets in the World of Fad Diets

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There are certain times of the year that diet clinics get the most inquiries and request – it is usually right around the holidays and then after New Year’s Day. Diet planning services pick this time to market the most persuasive diets also. While most of them do refrain from making unrealistic promises, some of them just can’t help themselves. Even if you do follow their ridiculously unviable advice and try to live a whole week on nothing other than vegetable stock so that you can lose 15 pounds fast, all of it going to come back together the moment you start getting back to your normal eating pattern.

That’s how most of these trendy diets and their weight loss information fail: they don’t give you any advice for how to live a reasonable life while on one of their unsustainable diets. All that happens when you follow the weight loss information they give you is that you get set up to have your hopes raised and dashed once again. Still, you can’t really completely dismiss fad diets out of hand. Each and every one of them contains a small grain of truth that could really be useful and helpful. You just need to know where to look. Let’s start with the best scraps of truth to be had from well known diets that don’t really work otherwise.

What is it that French women say about how they eat everything they like and still don’t seem to put on any weight? They say that no well-intentioned diet never asks you to stay away altogether from the foods that you really love – even if it’s a cheesy pizza or rich chocolate. You just need to stay away from binging on it. As far as the French are concerned, depriving yourself of everything that you love will not work forever. Moderation is the name of the game – allow yourself small and healthy portions of everything that you love on a regular basis, and you’ll discover that sticking to a healthy diet overall is a lot easier.

Many people have a lot of faith in celebrity diets. But somehow, they never go too deep into the message that the diets have to offer. Take for example the diet that former friends star Jennifer Aniston is famously attached to – the Zone diet. What this diet tries to do is to change the way your metabolism works so that you burn fat much faster. The way to change your metabolism that the Zone Diet recommends is a change to a diet that gets you eating meals that are 60% protein and fat in equal measure and carbohydrates for the rest of it.

The way the Zone Diet sees it, measuring out your nutrition in this way puts you at a much lower risk of heart disease too. You don’t even have to buy one of those supermarket packages that promise the exact proportions. All you need is to take the hint and eat regular meals that appear to vaguely follow the proportion recommended by the Zone Diet . For instance, a meal of lean protein such as fish, together with whole grains and veggies from the carbohydrates, will allow you a delicious way to stick to your diet. One reason why this should work is that protein tends to be quite filling – much more so than carbohydrates and fat. And all the fiber in your veggies and your whole grain are quite filling – to keep you from feeling any hunger pangs for some time.

And lastly, the South Beach diet isn’t really valuable weight loss information as was originally thought to everyone. Keep yourself supplied with the right amount of carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index. Combine that with healthy fats, and you really should be on your way to losing a good bit of weight.

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